How importing your equipment direct from manufacturers can save you thousands

You're paying too much for water damage restoration equipment. Period.

Choosing the right equipment for your water damage restoration business is no easy feat. One Google search will show you the wide range of prices Australian's can expect to pay for dehumidifiers, air blowers, air scrubbers, and other restoration-related equipment. Whilst you can expect to pay as little as $500.00 AUD for home dehumidifiers on Amazon, Australian retailers are selling 50L dehumidifiers for prices upwards of $3000.00 AUD. 

The deception of Google

The (Lack of) Middle Man

The more businesses that have a vested interest in the sale of a product, the less profit the final seller will make and therefore the more they will try and sell the product for. Just think about it: if a product is passed between three, four, or even five different wholesalers before it is finally given to the final retailer, everyone is going to need their cut of the pie. 

All Imports cuts out the middle man. We strike deals with the manufacturers themselves to limit the number of parties who need to take from the pie.

Manufacturer (ThorAir) --> Retailer (All Imports)

Consequently, the final price of all of All Imports' products are well below industry-standard pricing


No Exorbitant Freight Costs

Because All Imports operates directly with the manufacturer, we only consult one freight company to deal with shipping. As such, All Imports has freight deals that allow us to ship small-quantity orders with other small-quantity orders in the one shipping container. Furthermore, we maintain inventory within Australia to ensure that the customers only bear the domestic freight charges. What's this mean? Cheaper freight for you. Now, you've got extra cash to spend on some Clazzio leather seat covers.


Our SAA Approved Equipment

Purchase from our range of 50 Litre, 70 Litre & 90 Litre Commercial Dehumidifiers from $1699.00 AUD

View our range of Air/Carpet Blowers from $250.00 including GST and our Air Scrubbers from $900.00 including GST. 

Click here to enquire about our current range of Water Damage Restoration Equipment, or look to importing your own custom goods today...




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