All Imports Dehumidifiers

Here at All Imports, we pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art restoration equipment to Australians and New Zealanders: day on, day off. Any industry professional can tell you that good quality dehumidifiers are key to any water damage restoration suppliers’ operations. It is our endeavour to manufacture and import only the best dehumidifiers, and most importantly, at record prices. The restoration industry can be expensive to break into: All Imports makes it easy.

Suitable Industrial Dehumidifiers

Hundreds of restoration companies place orders through us every year. This makes us one of the most reputable dehumidifier retailers in Australia. You can spot out equipment being used in an industrial setting at almost any restoration jobsite. Our dehumidifiers are equipped with all the important features for easy manoeuvrability: from their lightweight construction to industry-leading WiFi capabilities. Strong relationships with the manufacturer ThorAir allow for entry level dehumidifier prices at professional level quality.

Though it additionally has a hydrofluorocarbon containing hydrogen, fluorine and carbon particles, it lacks the chlorine that makes former refrigerants harmful. LGR dehumidifiers come armed with the low-grain refrigerant that not only accomplishes the big, tough water-removal jobs but also utilises the newest, safest, most economical machinery and science.

Purchase 70L Dehumidifiers

Our 70L dehumidifier offers resourceful, reliable dehumidification with a compact and lightweight construction. Industry professionals will love these performance orientated and hard-wearing machineries: outfitted with – • detachable and washable filters that importantly catch dirt and debris; • a thermostat thaw regulator; and, • a splash guard switch.

These quality mechanisms are enclosed in a denser chassis for augmented protection, and extensive use.

A Dehumidifier with WiFi Connectivity

Our dehumidifiers come with WIFI connectivity so that you can control and your oversee your THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier at any time via the Smart Life or GO Smart app.

Shop 90L Dehumidifiers Got a big job? Need a lot of water extracted from the air? Look no further than ThorAir’s 90L dehumidifier. Our 90L dehumidifiers are the bees knees of restoration equipment. It is packed with all of the features of the 50L and 70L dehumidifier, but with the ability to suck up a mammoth 90 litres of water per day. If you have any queries whatsoever, please give our friendly and experiences office staff members a call on 1300 263 551. You can also contact our office or warehouse staff at