Flooring Solutions 2021: Tips and Trends

With more and more people worldwide working from home, in 2021, the focal point for consumers in making their flooring decisions has revolved around two things – comfort and ease.

As a result, and though the popularity of hard flooring (such as vinyl and tile) has been growing in recent years, carpet flooring remains the prime choice amongst consumers in 2021.

Overall Top Flooring Trend for 2021: Carpet Flooring

The unbeatable softness and comfort provided by premium carpet is what has allowed carpet flooring to remain as the number one most popular flooring solution of the year.

However, not only does carpet flooring deliver in terms of comfort, but the diverse array of carpet styles and textures means that there is an option to suit the needs of any space.  

  • Carpet tiles and planks have grown in popularity – allowing businesses and homeowners to get even more creative with their spaces by mixing and matching patterns and colours.
  • Consumers also enjoy the choice between two-main carpet textures to suit their flooring needs – low and high piles. For real comfort-seekers, high-pile carpet is produced with loose knots of texture, resulting in a fluffy and more luxurious feel. For those looking for a sleeker and more low-maintenance option, low-pile carpet is produced with short, tight knots, for a more minimal aesthetic.

OTHER TRENDS TO WATCH: Aside from carpet, here are some other trends to keep an eye on moving into 2022.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are more in favour than ever, with many consumers now extending their tiling far beyond the bathroom not only for the timeless look, but also for the durability. Notably, italian-inspired ceramic tiles are on the rise in popularity, particularly amongst consumers looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their spaces.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Recycled flooring has been identified as one of the biggest up and coming trends of the year, its popularity expected to accelerate over the next decade. As the population becomes increasingly eco-friendly, the next generation of homebuyers and business owners are expected to care much more about their eco-footprint – making “green” flooring options such as cork, bamboo, and recycled carpet increasingly attractive choices.

Flooring Upkeep & Maintenance Tips & Trends 2021

TIP: Vinyl & Ceramic tiles for an easy clean

Vinyl and Ceramic Tiles are both popular flooring solutions because keeping them in good condition is as convenient as a regular mop and vacuum. For deep cleaning, both can typically still be cleaned using regular household cleaning products, so the associated reduction in upkeep and maintenance makes it an attractive option for home flooring.

TIP: Steam cleaning for carpets

For carpet floors, regular steam cleaning is the number one way to ensure that your floors stay in five-star condition without the use of harsh chemicals. Expert carpet technicians at AllCarpets recommend that carpets ought to be steam cleaned semi-annually to ensure the sustainability of your carpets, and to minimise cleaning and maintenance costs over the life of your flooring.

TREND: Automated floor cleaning

More and more consumers are investing in automated floor cleaning equipment for their homes and businesses. Many well-known brands have now released robot floor cleaners, some of which even have the capability to mop and vacuum simultaneously. These have grown in popularity because not only do they create ease, but they can effectively clean around existing furniture, and they can even be set to a timer, so they can automatically begin cleaning at anu hour of the night or day.

Floor Installation & Repair Tips & Trends 2021

TIP: Silencing squeaky floors

In 2021, preventing squeaky floors has been one of the top concerns raised by consumers, likely as a result of many more people around the world spending more time at home or indoors. According to Porch, there are multiple factors that influence squeakiness – including the type of floor you choose important, where you install them, and the installation method.

As well as being one of the more affordable choices, Vinyl is a very good anti-squeak option, many including a sound-blocking underlay, allowing for a generally squeak-free flooring solution. However, when it comes to choosing your flooring, the number one option to reduce the risk of squeaky floors is carpet, typically installed with cushioning (often called underlay) and making it a prime choice for upper-level flooring.

That said, regardless of the type of flooring, proper installation has proved to be of utmost importance to consumers, as the primary way of ensuring a quality end result. Even carpet floor can end up squeaky if not installed by a trained professional carpet layer – therefore, if you’re considering laying floors, ensure you get a quality installer.

TIP: Preventing & recovering from water damage

Naturally waterproof, ceramic tile flooring is the ultimate flooring choice when it comes to preventing water damage – hence why its most often found in bathroom and kitchen spaces. It similarly remains common practice to make timber floors water-resistant by coating them, which finishes and seals the wood to prevent from absorbing water and moisture from leaks and spills.

That said, sometimes crisis cannot be avoided, and when your floors are affected by larger-scale water damage, ensuring an expeditious recover is of utmost importance to minimise any long-term damage. In such case, obtaining professional water damage restoration services is often the optimal way to recover from most water damage situations – particularly where water damage to carpet is involved.

TREND: Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring has been growing in demand this year as a way to efficiently manage spills and constantly maintain floors. Historically, tile was the only waterproof option – but with the development of waterproof vinyl, hardwood, and even waterproof carpet, consumers are now blessed with options. Such choice is only expecting to become increasingly popular, saving time and long-term cost.

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