Fencing: A Comprehensive Rundown

What is the type of fencing best used for keeping cattle in a paddock?

The best type of fencing for cattle such as sheep, cows and horses are electric fences strung round multi strand wooden bases. These fences can be purchased from All Imports Pty Ltd, as they specialise in importing the highest quality and grade checked fences from all around the world.


How do you build a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a rigid wall that has the purpose of preventing gravity from moving earth and is used as a support base. Retaining walls are very common in Australian backyards, which is why All Imports Pty Ltd has ensured that it has a variety of different materials available to customers to help them with their DIY needs.


What are some attractive features for my new garden?

A clean and vibrant fence is an attractive feature that are extremely common in some of Australia’s best gardens. All Imports Pty Ltd can suit all customer’s needs, from English grade willow that has the strength and durability for extreme weather, to a vibrant and clean-cut cashmere willow for a neat looking fence.


Are there pet friendly fences for my home?

Mesh fences are a pet friendly fence that is soft and delicate to ensure pet safety, but also strong enough to keep them in a secluded area. High quality mesh fences can be purchased through the All Imports Pty Ltd website as they have devoted a number of their resources to ensure that Australians have access to the best quality imported fencing.


Do I require fencing around my pool in Queensland?

It is Queensland legislation that all pool owners must have a fence surrounding their pool for safety reasons. All Imports Pty Ltd can provide pool owners with an array of different styled fences, colours or materials for those who wish to build their own fence. All Imports Pty Ltd specialises in pool fencing as Australia has a climate where pools are an extremely common feature of the standard home. All Imports Pty Ltd ensures that it has the best quality fencing, with gaff-iron materials, New Zealand timber, Irish wrought iron or plain wooden slates. Whatever the need or design, All Imports Pty Ltd has the suppliers and ability to import them.


Do All Imports Pty Ltd offer custom imported fences?

If you are after a very specific material or design from your favourite manufacturer, All Imports Pty Ltd has the know-how on importing your custom fence order at a spectacular price.

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