Carpet Drying Equipment - Why you should not use household dehumidifiers for water damage

Household vs. Commercial Drying Equipment

If you search Google for "buy dehumidifier" you are bound to find several websites selling dehumidification gear in the three figures. Whilst average household dehumidifiers may be good for taking the edge off a humid Australian summer day, when it comes to water damage restoration they are next to useless in extracting water from a dwelling's structure. 


Ideal Carpet Drying Equipment for Commercial Water Damage Restoration Works

All Imports is in partnership with ThorAir Australia, Australia's only SAA approved provider of Water Damage Restoration equipment. ThorAir's Carpet Drying Equipment is used by hundreds of IICRC trained and certified restoration technicians around Australia. ThorAir is a preferred equipment manufacturer as they provide high-quality commercial dehumidifiers, air blowers, air scrubbers and more at near-wholesale prices. 

The ideal carpet drying equipment for medium-sized water damage restoration jobs is 50L, 70L and 90L dehumidifiers. Other useful carpet drying equipment includes snails (air blowers) and turtles (air scrubbers). 

All Imports provides all of these for exceedingly competitive prices. For more information, view our Products pages. 


Get Help Drying Out Your Home

All Imports has partnerships with leading Australian water damage restoration companies like National Restoration Network, All Carpets, Flood Repairs Australia and more. An added benefit to trading with All Imports is the opportunity to be engaged by parter-companies for water damage restoration jobs around Australia. 


Why Choose ThorAir?

ThorAir is Australia’s leading Water Damage Equipment manufacturer and provide a full line of drying, dehumidification and air scrubbing equipment for restoration service professionals. ThorAir is the only company in Australia with SAA approved equipment and is dedicated in providing the best restoration equipment in Australia.

ThorAir provides the best service in Australia when it comes to Water Damage Restoration Equipment. From the moment you order to delivery we are determined to provide a superior service, leaving YOU the customer more than satisfied with your experience.




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