THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier 90L

THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier 90L
THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier 90L
THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier 90L
THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier 90L

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We're the only company in Australia with SAA approved equipment!

Our dehumidifiers offer efficient, dependable dehumidification ranging from the
compact and lightweight. Professionals will enjoy these high performing and durable machines equipped with removable and washable filters that trap dirt and debris, a thermostat defrost control, and a splash guard switch. These quality components are encased in a heavier chassis for increased protection, and extended use. 

The AM190001/3 Dehumidifier reduces humidity in enclosed structural environments by removing water vapour from the air. With proper use, the AM190001/3 can help to dry out damp structural materials, insulation, and con- tents, and maintain a healthy level of humidity. Using the AM190001/3
may also prevent secondary damage caused by high humidity.

Also with WIFI connectivity you can control and your monitor your THORAIR® Pro LGR Dehumidifier while on the go via the Smart Life or GO Smart app.

The low-grain refrigerant used in most dehumidifiers is the cousin of a new blend introduced to replace the old R22 coolant, which contained a type of fluorocarbon identified as harmful to the ozone layer. The development of R410 answered the environmental concerns and created greater efficiency since the new refrigerant operates at a significantly higher pressure than the older ones. It is a blend of HFC-32 and HFC-125.
Though it is also a hydrofluorocarbon and contains hydrogen, fluorine and carbon atoms, it lacks the chlorine that makes former refrigerants harmful. LGR dehumidifiers come equipped with the low-grain refrigerant that not only manages the big, tough water-removal jobs but also uses the latest, safest and most efficient technology.

*1 Year All Imports Warranty


Model - 95L-B

Power Input - 230 Volts/50 Hz

Current - 6.5 amps

Water Removal - 105L/day @ 3°C 80% RH

Mass of refrigerant - R410a, 0.85kg

Weight - 42.0kgs

Meas - 63cm x 52cm x 67.5cm

Certifications: SAA