Chain Link PVC Coated Mesh - 60mm

Chain Link PVC Coated Mesh - 60mm
Chain Link PVC Coated Mesh - 60mm
Chain Link PVC Coated Mesh - 60mm

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PVC coated fencing is the most suitable material for fencing areas, such as homes, hotels, playgrounds, parks, and sporting areas.

PVC coated fencing should be your first choice for areas where a high level of anti-oxidation protection is required.

To maintain security and protection, it is best to get PVC coated fencing installed by professionals. If you are looking for a top quality fencing solution look no further than All Imports Chain Link PVC Coated Mesh.

Our chain link fencing will not break easily, as its wires are completely intertwined rather than welded. You can check out our chain link fencing, which is available for you in four great sizes 1.20 (H), 1.50 (H), 1.80 (H) & 2.1 (H) with a length of 25 meters/roll. We also have the option to order customised sizing in bulk, delivered directly to your door.

Chain Link Fencing is widely recognised as the most credible boundary fencing. It is used globally for a multitude of security applications. Offering a choice of different wire gauges, Chain Link fencing can be used as a simple demarcation fence. However it is often also used as a sports fence or as a security fence. You will often see chain fencing in use at sports centres, airports, events and schools. It is seen as the perfect tennis court fence as spectators can see through whilst also being protected.

Charles Barnard originally developed Chain link fencing in the 1840's. He came up with the idea in Norwich based on the original cloth weaving machines. Today, it has become one of the most cost effective and popular fencing solutions ever produced. The open weave does not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence and it has a relatively low cost to manufacture. Considering cost as well as effectiveness, the fact is that chain fences provide strong security.

The design of Chain Link fences provides clear visibility. This makes it suitable for safe areas of play and to deter any would-be intruders.

Material: Galvanized Steel Wire
Diameter: 2.8mm
Mesh opening size: 60mm x 60mm
PVC Coated Thickness: 1mm
Tensile Strength - 700Mpa
Zinc Coating - 15-20g/m2

Chain link fencing requires minor maintenance. For further advice on how to get the most out of your fencing see our 'FAQ'.