Water Damage Restoration - What is it and how we help

Water damage restoration is the process of controlling the drying process and minimising the possibility of secondary damage and potential microbial growth. Water Damage can range from a burst pipe, flood or a leaked air-conditioning unit. No matter what extent of damage has been caused it is critical to immediately treat the damage with the correct equipment. Our equipment will prevent the growth of mould and a variety of odours. At All Imports we provide the specialised instruments which are used to uncover any hidden pockets of water and to monitor and treat any possible water damage.


Our extensive range of water damage restoration equipment includes dehumidifiers from 50-90L all with WIFI connectivity, Hulk and HEPA air scrubbers; Snail, Square and HEPA carpet blowers and everything else essential to water damage restoration. All of equipment is from above industry standard from supplier THORAIR®.  We understand that when flooding occurs within your personal or professional environment, you need efficient and dependable drying equipment that you can count on. Our water damage equipment is effective and can minimise damage within your home or workplace. With over 10 years of industry experience, you can trust All Imports for your go-to water damage equipment experts.


Our equipment is the only water damage restoration equipment in Australia to be SAA approved. Our dehumidifiers offer efficient, dependable dehumidification ranging from the compact and lightweight. Professionals from all around Australia utilise our high performing and durable machines equipped with removable and washable filters that trap dirt and debris, a thermostat defrost control, and a splash guard switch. Our quality components are encased in a heavy protection chassis to extend the life of the equipment.


All Imports Air Filters Air Scrubber is ideal for handling indoor air quality needs on every restoration job. Restoration that involves sewage mould or fire damage involves significant amounts of particulates and bad-smelling gasses – a direct result of the damage itself. In a water damage restoration scenario, the high-powered airflow essential for drying can stir up particulates that have settled in carpet, upholstery, or on many other materials. The All-Imports Hulk Filter Air Scrubber addresses these air-quality issues quickly and effectively helping you to maintain a clean odour-free indoor environment for your technicians – and your customers.


The All Imports Carpet Blower range is ideal for immediate care to water damage in a carpeted area. With our top of the range blowers, all that will be required is to install the fans onto the surface of your carpet and allow them to run. This may take several hours or several days. The three carpet blowers, Snail, Turtle and Square are all engineered to assess damage in all shapes of homes.

The All Imports range also includes a variety of filters, accessories and miscellaneous equipment all required for water damage restoration jobs.


For any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 263 551, or email at info@allimports.com.au




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