PURUS Conditioning Creme

PURUS Conditioning Creme

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Top of the range conditioning creme used by the professionals.

All Imports high quality and affordable Leather Conditioning Cream is top of the range and comes in two easy to use sizes. Our conditioning cream penetrates the leathers surface to help maintain its soft and supple appearance, resulting in shiny and luxurious looking furniture. Our specially designed cream allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance of your cherished pieces without leaving that bothersome slippery feeling. All imports Australia have formulated a product that is not only safe for your leather but also strengthens your pieces leaving them stronger and more durable than before.

We understand that the need to protect your leather reaches beyond your home and furnishings. Leather within your car is extremely vulnerable due to sun exposure, which is why our leather conditioning cream contains anti-UV properties which assist in blocking out the sun's harmful rays, causing the leather to become hard and dry which leads to cracking. A yearly application of All Imports Leather Conditioning Cream is all it takes to keep your leather protected and healthy. 

Min 5 litre.