Knee Kicker

Knee Kicker

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All Imports Carpet Knee Kicker allows you to fix and restretch your tired rippling carpets at home, helping to bring new life into a room.

With its easy ergonomic design our knee kickers are perfect for little jobs around the house or professional room laying, Allowing you to work in tight spaces such as wardrobes as well as the durability of aluminium and steel to face even the biggest rooms.

Featuring a comfortable handles and foam filled bumper this premium knee kicker help remove those painful ripples without causing you any pain.                                  
Tired of rippling in your carpet having to tell your guests to "watch there step" as they walk down your hallway, Rent our carpet stretcher and fix up your carpets at home.

Maybe your a professional and a customer needs you to kick in some freshly laid carpet or carpet that has come up during a water damage.
With our top quality products and great priced daily rates you can have your carpets laying flat in no time.

Rent now for just $25.40 per day. 
Style and Colours may vary*