Typhoon Blower
Typhoon Blower

Typhoon Blower

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Perfect for air circulation, carpet and floor drying as well as spot cooling

The Thor Air pneumatic Cyclone Blower are used to exhaust moisture laden air and to introduce drier outdoor air to water damage or moisture ridden area. Axial fans can also be used as ventilators, circulators and simply as fans. Perfect for exhausting fumes,marine industry,ventilating confined spaces,spot cooling and perimeter crawl spaces. The Cyclone Blower is made of high-density polyethylene and designed to take on the toughest of jobs to ensure many years of satisfied use.

* Perfect for various types of drying cooling or circulation needs.

* The stackable design allows you to save space in your van or storage facility.

* Large fans increase air flow and drying ability.

* Ergonomic handle to ensure easy lifting and moving while working.

* Strong and durable housing.