Thor Air Blower
Thor Air Blower

Thor Air Blower

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Top of the range blowers specially designed to dry carpets.

With our top of the range blowers all that will be required is to install the fans onto the surface of your carpet and allow them to run. This may take several hours or several days. If you’re using several fans, ensure that you efficiently arrange the fans to ensure maximum air flows across the surface of your carpet.

It may also be helpful to ventilate the area by opening windows and doors as much as possible to speed up the drying time, assuming the outside air is less humid.

Dehumidifiers can also be helpful to remove moisture from the air, as well as removing moisture trapped in walls, furniture, or within your flooring.

Save time and money and rent your own equipment to have onsite,

Rent our top quality air moves for just $39 per day.

Style and Colours may vary*