THORAIR® Down Draft Floor Dryer

THORAIR® Down Draft Floor Dryer

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We're the only company in Australia with SAA approved equipment!


The Thor Air downdraft floor dryer is capable of drying a whole room the single unit can dry an entire room over night by pulling warmer dryer air toward the entire flooring as well as the areas requiring attention and blowing the cooler air upward. 

They're designed to speed-dry carpet and hard floors after cleaning, down draft floor dryers pull warm, dry air from above and direct it in a 360-degree pattern across the floor. These units deliver high-velocity airflow rates that help to dry floors and carpet faster. Down draft air movers can also be tilted to speed-dry stairs.

This floor dryer provides up to 4300 CFM with a 1/4HP 2-speed motor. polyethylene housing is moulded to provide 4 drying positions. this blower features a 6-blade precision pitch propellers. Allows 360° directed air flow. heavy duty swivel casters for easy mobility. Stacks up to 4 dryers high for storage.

*1 Year All Imports Warranty


Model - 

Power - 1/4H.P., 110~120V/60Hz

Cord - #14-3

Switch - Two

Blade - 16.5"

Air Volume - 4300/3700CFM

Speed - 1500/1300RPM

Meas - 59.5cm x 57.5cm x 45cm

Weight - 20.0kgs