THORAIR® Armoured Dehumidifier 70L
THORAIR® Armoured Dehumidifier 70L
THORAIR® Armoured Dehumidifier 70L

THORAIR® Armoured Dehumidifier 70L

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We're the only company in Australia with SAA approved equipment!


The Thor Air Dehumidifier 70L provides efficient, dependable dehumidification. Enjoy these high performing and durable machines equipped with removable and washable filters that trap dirt and debris. Other special features include a thermostat defrost control and a splash guard switch. These quality components are encased in a heavier chassis for increased protection, and extended use.

Dehumidifiers can be used with both serious and less damaging floods to help speed up the drying process. Dehumidifiers suck moisture out of the air including moisture trapped in walls, furniture or deep within the floor. If you have a hardwood floor it is highly recommended that you use a dehumidifier in your drying process. You can hire the very same equipment the professionals use to remove all moisture.  

All imports dehumidifiers help to eliminate all moisture and odour, our systems provide the room with healthy dry air that helps to prevent mould as well as build up of bacteria and mildew, this helps to keep you and your family safe during times of leaking and flooding.

*1 Year All Imports Warranty


Dehumidifying Capacity - 70 Pints(32.8L/D)

Power Supply - 220~240V/50Hz

Rated Power Input - 750W

Refrigerant - R410a

Operating Temperature 33°-100°F

Process Air - 235CFM

Weight - 55.5cm x 50cm x 106cm

Meas - 45.0kgs