Leather Cleaning Products

The highest standard, The best for your leather

All Imports leather product range has a solution for your every need. We use only the highest standard of ingredients to ensure your leather is left feeling soft and supple. All Imports Australia understands the importance of protecting and maintaining your investment, which is why we offer a large variety of superior products. Leather is durable, however caring for your leather furniture with the right products, to prevent it from drying out and fading, is essential in prolonging the life of your cherished furnishings.

At All Imports Australia, we know that a majority of leathers used on upholstered furniture have a clear top coat sealant, this assists in the protection of the colouring, texture and appearance of your pieces. When soils, dirt, grime and perspiration are left to build up on the surface of your leather, this protective topcoat can wear away with time, severely reducing the life span of your highly valued leather.

All Imports Australia supplies all of your leather furnishing needs from leather cleaners and conditioning creams, to leather mold removers and tinting creams, which we are able to colour match to your specific needs. Contact our friendly staff at All Imports for any further questions or leather care needs.

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